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Application Of Horizontal Mixing Machine

Horizontal mixing machine is used for mixing solid-solid-slurries such as pesticides, veterinary drugs, food, chemicals, biology, aquaculture, ceramics, refractory materials, plastics, compound fertilizers, etc., and are especially suitable for mixing viscous materials.

Horizontal Mixing Machine

Horizontal Mixer Working Principle:

This horizontal mixer uses mechanical transmission to rotate the S-shaped mixing paddle, pushing the materials to reciprocate and mix evenly. The operation is controlled by electrical appliances, the mixing time can be set, and the mixing time will automatically stop and the materials will be poured electrically, thereby improving the mixing quality of each batch of materials and achieving high uniformity mixing.

Horizontal Mixing Equipment Discharging Method:

1. Powder materials: Adopt pneumatic large door structure.
2. For high-fineness materials, manual butterfly valves or pneumatic butterfly valves are used.

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