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Automatic Feeding Dosing Mixing System

Automatic feeding dosing mixing system is an automated mixing equipment specially used for the production of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) materials. The Automatic feeding mixing system usually includes key parts such as feeding system, mixing system, control system and discharging system to ensure precise proportioning and uniform mixing of PVC resin and additives.

Automatic Feeding Dosing Mixing System

Main components of automatic mixing system:

Feeding system: usually includes main material feeding station, main material silo, storage silo and auxiliary material batching system. The main material (PVC resin) and auxiliary materials (additives) enter the main material silo and storage silo respectively through their respective feeding stations, and are automatically measured and fed according to the formula requirements.

Mixing system: This is the core part of the automatic mixing system, usually composed of mixing units (such as high-speed mixer, horizontal mixing equipment, vertical mixing machine, etc.). The mixing machine unit fully mixes the main ingredients and auxiliary ingredients through rotation, stirring or kneading to ensure uniform mixing.

Automatic Feeding Dosing Mixing System

Control system: The control system is the key to the automatic feeding mixing system. Usually controlled by a computer and is responsible for the operation and monitoring of the entire system. The control system automatically controls the feeding, mixing, discharging and other processes according to the preset formula and process parameters to ensure the stability and reliability of production.

Discharging system: After mixing is completed, the mixed material is discharged through the discharging system and enters the next production link (such as extrusion, injection molding, etc.). The discharge system usually includes a discharge port, conveyor belt or pipe, etc. to ensure the smooth discharge and transportation of the mixed material.

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