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Automatic Mixing Feeding System

Automatic mixing feeding system is a highly automated equipment used to mix different types of raw materials according to preset proportions and automatically supply them to the production line. Automatic mixing and feeding systems are widely used in various industrial production fields, especially where continuous and stable supply of mixed raw materials is required.

Automatic Mixing Feeding System

Components of automatic mixing and feeding system:

1. Raw material storage and measuring device: This part is responsible for storing various raw materials and accurately measuring the required amount of raw materials according to production needs. Metering devices usually use high-precision sensors and control systems to ensure metering accuracy and stability.

2. Mixer: The PVC mixer machine is the core part of the automatic mixing and feeding system and is responsible for mixing the measured raw materials. PVC mixer machine usually use efficient mixing systems to ensure full contact and even distribution of raw materials during the mixing process.

Automatic Mixing Feeding System

3. Conveying system: The conveying system is responsible for automatically transporting the mixed raw materials to designated locations on the production line. This is usually achieved through pneumatic conveying, mechanical conveying or pipeline conveying to ensure that raw materials can be continuously and stably supplied to the production line.

4. Control system: The control system is the “brain” of the entire automatic mixing feeding system. The control system usually uses advanced PLC or DCS technology, has a high level of automation and intelligence, and can automatically adjust parameters such as the measurement, mixing and transportation of raw materials according to production needs.

Automatic Mixing Feeding System Video:

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