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PVC Pipes extrusion solutions

UPVC Wall Pipe Extrusion Line:

This system is mainly used for the conveyance of powder materials. ltcan be adopted in the negative pressure and positive pressure(thinphase and thick phase),the dosing of main materials and auxiliary materi-als, the mixer and the collecting storage. And according to the sitesituation, it can be adopted the negative pressure or screw conveyanceto distribute materials into each hopper. During the whole period, the PLCcentral control will be adopted and the central monitor on the post as wel

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Main Technical Parameter:

Model Capacity(L) EffectiveCapacity(L) Paddle Speed(rpm) Motor & HeatingPower(kw) GasesConsumption m3/(min) Discharge Method Weight(T) Mixing Time m/p.pot Remark
Heat Cool
SRL-W500/2000 500/1000 375/1200 430/860-80 55/75-185 ≤0.6 Manual/Auto 7.7 8-10 6-8 The specific mixing time depends on the process and formula raw materials.
SRL-W800/2500 800/2500 560/1024 3571714-80 83/110-22 ≤0.6 Manual/Auto 8.3 8-12 6-10
SRL-W1000/3500 1000/3500 700/2000 325/650-80 160-37 ≤0.7 Manual/Auto 8.3 8-12 6-10
SRL-W1300/4500 1300/4500 910/2450 300/600-60 200-45 ≤0.7 Manual/Auto 12.5 8-12 6-10
SRL-W1500/6000 1500/6000 1060/3900 500-50 250-55 ≤0.8 Auto 14.5 8-12 10

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